Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Flathead Knit Wits January Meeting

Hello knitters. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with family and friends. We had fun at our December get together at my home. We all ended up with some great knitting gadget. NEXT year our December party will include an ornament exchange. It will be our goal to try to find a Christmas Ornament that is perfect for someone who loves to knit. It will be interesting to see what will come of that search. It can be handmade or purchased, your choice.

We will be meeting at our regular location on the fourth Tuesday, January 22nd. I might have to make a trip to Missoula regarding Jury Duty but will not know until the day before. If for some reason I am not back in time for our guild meeting, continue on with your projects (and I am sure you will help each other out with any knitting problems.)

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Jo Ann Graves-Gill said...

Wendy, I am a friend of Caroline Krause's and she has told me of the fun that she has at the Flathead Knit Wits. I don't knit, but I do crochet. Would I be appropriate to attend this group? I'll look forward to hearing from you. My email address is Thank you.